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"The flower swaying in the sea breeze, Cure Marine!"

Roleplay blog for Kurumi Erika from Heartcatch PreCure, part of Anime Unleashed RP group but will RP with anyone!

▷ HI HI I’m still alive <3

I’ve been planning to post this here but I keep forgetting sorry OTL 

Hello everyone! To those who still remember me, although maybe some of you already forgot you followed me in the first place due to my inactivity haha, but anyway I hope you all are doing well in life!

For me, life has been less hectic than it used to be, so I’m trying to get back into roleplaying again. This time I’m taking up a new muse - Aoyama Nanami from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Maybe some of you already know it’s me but I’m posting here because I’d love to get in touch with more people I knew in this account again.


The account is hardworkingnanamin. You can reach me [[here]]. 

The account is part of a closed roleplay group (Anime Unleashed RP, same as Erika) so unfortunately I can’t post RP with non-members, but if anyone would like to RP by private asks or just drop ooc messages that’ll be lovely too.

Oh, just wondering, although I’m still not sure about this… will anyone still be interested to interact if I pick up Erika again? Most likely as an indie because she’s just a bunch of fun to write as when meeting all sorts of new people.


As the title says. I just made it so there’s not much going on there yet, and I’ll be going offline shortly. But anyway, yes, for anyone who’s interested, feel free to follow me there and we can talk and reblog each others’ random posts and such <3 


bb usui-mun here give me your personalll

oh hais bby uh I don’t have any because I’m lame like that u.u

will anyone be interested if I make a personal account to stalk adn keep in touch with you folks ooc-ly? .3.

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▷ One Final Post, I Guess.

First of all, happy holidays! Woohoo.



So apparently I was removed from the masterlist for inactivity, which is well… saddening to find, but I wasn’t surprised knowing how I just disappeared for weeks, missing out whatever happened with the group I had no idea what. That was me being irresponsible. I actually didn’t get any message regarding that in my inbox, but I’m not exactly in the place to protest or anything since I know it’s my fault as well. I should’ve made up my mind and send in a message to drop out since I just couldn’t commit myself to roleplaying.


I won’t be roleplaying again anytime soon. I’ve had some new muses in mind, but it turns out some of them have been taken in AURP and they’re doing a much more wonderful job that I would’ve done if I’m the one who took those characters. I actually still come by to read the RPs on my dash sometimes, and it’s just fun to read how all these characters come by together and made me miss roleplaying again. 

However, the thing is, I just have been struggling to balance my life, it has been pretty stressful. College has been hard for me, not to mention my personal life isn’t really at the best state at the moment. I don’t feel I can give the same commitment and dedication to the family, even though I do care about AURP a lot and I wish I can stick with you guys longer.   

It was wonderful time joining AURP. I joined in when it was still only Ouran, out of curiosity and planned to just drop after a few days, but I got hooked. I just love this group and you lots, okay? I get to know many lovely people I wish I know irl, and I’ve got the sweetest compliments I hardly ever hear offline. It’s also nice to see how the group grows and keeps on improving despite the dramas and difficulties every now and then.

So yes. Thank you, thank you again for making my first roleplaying experience a wonderful one. It was really fun :) I wish AURP and you all the best, and I do hope I can return as soon as possible. If any of you wish to, free to drop by my inbox though to talk ooc, I’m still here if anyone needs someone to talk to or something. I won’t be deactivating this account because I guess I’ve grown too attached too it, haha.

Um… oh well. End of sappy post, excuse my lack of writing skills to express myself properly.

Sorry for not making any posts sooner. I’ve been hesitating to write this out, but I guess I eventually have to, since I don’t want to randomly disappear without informing anything.

So I’ve lost my muse for Erika. I still find her as an adorable character, but somehow I just can’t write as her anymore, even though we actually share some common personality traits. I don’t know if this is temporary since this is my first time RP-ing a canon character.

Or maybe this is a writer’s block, since I’ve been struggling to write anything lately in general. I even got stuck during my mid exam essay section to the point I was staring blankly at the paper and my hand was shaking for the first half an hour… which is something I don’t understand why that happened. 

I guess I’ll have to drop Erika, but I don’t want to deactivate this account and I don’t want to leave the AURP family… so I’m still not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll give it another week to think after my exams are finished, or maybe I’ll finally settle on picking up a new character. I don’t know.

▷ AUTokyo OPEN || Thrill Rides

Erika has been greatly looking forward to this school trip ever since the announcement has been made. Getting all access to the rides and food in the Tokyo Dome City for free? She’ll make good use of this rare opportunity. Spica and Ouran really makes the best events! It really got her excited that she couldn’t just stand still in her group anymore.

She tapped her foot impatiently as she listened to a teacher explaining about all sorts of basic rules they have to follow while they’re there. They are pretty much obvious things, right? They shouldn’t be wasting time around like this… Her blue eyes darted around to look at the attractions and stalls surrounding them, she wanted to try each and every one of them already! Right at the moment when the teacher announced they’re now allowed to wander around freely, Erika jumped and exclaimed out loud, unable to contain her enthusiasm any longer - “All riiight!”

Upon seeing faces turning at her, she pointed to the attraction right nearby them, one of her highest priority there, “So! Anyone wants to ride that roller coaster with me?” A trip to the amusement park is best enjoyed with a company after all, right?

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//Ahh, sorry for disappearing… again. and most likely I will be gone in a few days too ._. Mid exams are coming up and I got sick recently, so I can’t get online too often.

I love amusement parks so I hope I can get active in this event <3 If anyone wants to have a thread for the AUTokyo event with Erika, just message me up c:

I’ve noticed a bunch of new followers from outside or inside the group, thank you and I look forward to RP with more of you! I’ll try to write up some general greetings followers later on, but I prefer one-on-one threads so feel free to tag me a starter or if you prefer, we can discuss ideas for threads.//

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huw meny fulluwrs do ya hav ?

um… 256 at the moment. Why do you ask, anon?

"...You do know that your last name is MY name, right?"

"Ah? Sure I do!" she chuckled, "That sure makes me feel kinda weird to call you as ‘Kurumi’…" 

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